Everything you need to grow your teams

An all-in-one modern application tracking software and recruiting solution
Attract and find

Everything you need to attract and find talents more efficiently

  • Built-in career page
  • Customize your branded career page
  • Chrome extension to source candidate on LinkedIn and Github
  • inWork add-on for Gmail to import CVs directly from your inbox
  • Import CV from job boards automatically via email import
  • Rediscover your potential leads from your existing pool of talents

Everything you need to evaluate candidates effectively and build a strong relationship

  • Quick schedule
  • Built-in email communication
  • Gmail sync
  • Google Calendar sync
  • Feedback reminder
  • Scorecard and interview kits
  • Reports for interviewers
  • Comment and @mention

Save your precious hours with automated workflow to grow your business

A centralized task list

You don't have to use a separate software to manage your hiring tasks. Everything is centralized in the app. Create tasks and assign to others. Get reminded when it is due.

Automate repetitive tasks

Either automatically send an email using template or assign a task when a candidate is moved to a hiring stage


Data-driven hiring made easy. Optimize your hiring process every stage with powerful reporting system. Train interviewers and provide data-driven feedback

  • Time to hire
  • Conversion rate
  • Source efficiency
  • Interviewers' statistics

Easy and powerful administration tool to customize your hiring process

  • Customize hiring process for each job
  • Labels to organize profiles
  • Email template
  • Customize job application form for each job
  • Manage reject reasons
  • Manage interview kits and scorecard for each job and interview guidelines